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how it all started at Seidr Ci Ddu

Who We Are

Here at Seidr Ci Ddu,  based in Solva, in Pembrokeshire we take apples and pears from Wales and the borders and hand-craft the 100% whole juice in small batches to bring you ciders and perries of the finest qualitiy and taste.


We make no apologies when we say that Seidr Ci Ddu was born out of a hobby that got out of hand but now as a business it is still very much a labour of love. Everything we do is handcrafted from harvesting apples, whether from neglected local trees or from dedicated cider orchards in the Welsh borders, right through to labelling the finished bottles.
The apples we come across guide our process, a few hundred pounds from here, a few hundred pounds from there lends itself naturally to our small batch ethos, which in turn allows us the luxury of experimenting with different blends, methods of fermentation and maturation.

What we make is very much dictated by nature and we always aim to use traditional methods but we aren't so stuffy as to not intervene or use a bit of science borrowed from the wine industry if we feel it makes for a better product, but aways at the heart of everything we do are the apples.
All apples can make cider, but the skill is knowing how to blend and treat them.

Gareth and Luci

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